What is this project?

The best way to get to know the project is to browse the galleries.


The Nu Project is a series of honest nudes of women from all over the world. The project began in 2005 and has stayed true to the original vision: no professional models, minimal makeup and no glamour. The focus of the project has been and continues to be the subjects and their personalities, spaces, insecurities and quirks.


To date, over 150 women across North and South America have participated in the project. Without their courage, confidence and trust, none of this would have been possible. We are so thankful for their willingness to open their homes to us.


Matt + Katy


Frequently Asked Questions

How Did This Project Start?

Matt began shooting in 2005 but didn’t fully realize the form the project was taking until Katy became project editor and encouraged him to show more light-hearted images. Once we started working together, Matt began to shoot where the participants are most comfortable–in their homes–which also allows for greater variety of expressions and emotion in the work.


Why aren’t there more _______ women included?

This is the most common question we get. We would love the project to be more diverse! The project is 100% volunteer, and Matt does not see the women until he shows up at their door. We’re doing our best to encourage all types of women, but we need volunteers of all backgrounds and walks of life to make the project more complete. Since our shoots in NYC in September of 2013 we’ve seen a great increase in the amount of diversity amongst our volunteers. We hope this trend continues!


Why do you have to be 21 to participate when 18 is the legal age of adulthood?

We have set the minimum age of our participants at 21 because we want the experience of being a Nu Project model to be a positive one for us and the participant. At the age of 18 sometimes people make decisions that, later in life, they wish they hadn’t. Also, we’re not comfortable working with women that young.


Are you ever going to shoot with men?

This is the second most common question we get. While we understand there is a lot of pressure on men to look a certain way, we believe that women are judged more harshly by appearance, and that’s why we’ve focused this project on women (and occasionally their male partners). We hope that there are other photographers out there who want to take on documenting men and address the body image pressure they feel.


Will you come to my country / city?

We will if there’s enough interest! Part of the way we decide where we’re going to travel each year is by the number of participation requests we receive from a given area. The best way to make sure we visit you is to sign up to participate and spread the word to encourage your friends to do the same.


What camera and lenses do you shoot with for this project?

Our personal philosophy is that the equipment doesn’t make or break the shoot, but we use a 5D III and 16-35mm 2.8 L, 50mm 1.2 L and the 85mm 1.2 L.


Have you/would you ever consider photographing pregnant women as part of this project?

Absolutely we have, and continue to work with women at all stages of life (after age 21). We know the timing can be difficult but if an un-model indicates she is pregnant on the sign-up form we do our best to do the shoot before she gives birth!
If you’d like to know more there’s a pretty good chance someone asked the question during our first Ask Me Anything on Reddit. Take a look at the discussion and if you can’t find an answer to your question, ask it below and we’ll respond ASAP. Thank you for your interest in The Nu Project!


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  • mcblum

    Hello everyone. Because of the numbers of questions we’ve been receiving about the project, please ask your question / leave your comment on this page so everyone can see it. Thank you!

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  • David

    Hello there, you have some really lovely images with lots and lots of beautiful natural girls! However, what is this project about? The “About The Project” section of the website doesn’t explain what the images are for, why you got started in 2005 in the first place, nor what message you want to send with the images. I think I know why you have taken these images, just found it curious that the “About” section didn’t describe much of what it is all about :-)

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      Thanks David. We actually left that out of the “about” section because each person sees it a little differently, and we want to allow that to happen. When I started shooting I was focused on making interesting photographs but I wasn’t focused on a single goal or message. Over time, the participants have determined the message far more than I have. It’s my goal just to try and step back and let their stories be told.

    • Titina

      I have the same question. I would like to know more about the story and the reason of the proyect.

      You need more picts of women, but what is the idea? a book? you have it all ready. Keep taking pictures for several years, why?

      • mcblum

        I guess I’d say, why not? The project needs more diversity, women of different backgrounds and ethnicities, etc… It’s far from finished. You don’t always have to know where you’re going, you just have to start moving. It can never be a waste of time to create art with awesome people.

  • Rom


  • Adrienne

    Would you be willing to accept an unmodel who does not wish to reveal her face in any photo?

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      Unfortunately, no. We feel the images need to feature expressions as much as they feature body parts. In fact, when we chose a cover for the new book the biggest backlash came from people who said we shouldn’t choose a ‘body part’ image because the most powerful images had faces in them. It’s also a bit hard to shoot when you constantly have to make sure you can’t see someone’s face. Sorry about that.

  • Kim

    Come to Washington, DC!!! I would love to model for you :-)

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      Some day I’m sure we will! Just sign up on the participation page.

  • Bethany

    I needed to say this: thank you! I have never seen breasts like mine anywhere on anyone else before. Sounds so strange but it’s very comforting to know that there is at least one other woman out there with a matching set…and a beautiful one brave enough to let the world see!

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      You’re very welcome :)

  • Cat

    Hey, a friend of mine drew my attention to this and I think it is an amazing project in which I would love to participate. I live in Belgium and I have a lot of scars because of a gastric bypass that went wrong (next to all the stretchmarks), I had a cardiac arrest for 35 minutes and have been helt in coma for 6 weeks. 2012 was not the end of the world, but almost the end of my world ^^
    Since then I feel so much better, physically and mentally, before it happened I was just unhappy in every way. And now I’m just happy I’m still alive. I love my life, I love my body (though it’s scarred and has too much skin because of the weight loss) and I want to show people it is possible to be happy with what life forced upon you.
    I do have 2 questions though, first, I’m not back on the workingtrack at this moment, so I can sign up without someone having trouble with that. Is it a problem if I refuse if you ever come to the Benelux and I found a job in which it is not suitable to have those pictures on the web?
    Second, at this point I’m in some serious debts because of the things they had to do in the hospital to save my life. I read about buying out when your career changes. I understand why you do this, but in the highly unlikely case of me finding a job that would change my point of view about not caring that my pictures are on the web, would you be willing to work something out with me considering my debts?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      Sorry to hear about your scary brush with death – so glad that everything ended up ok. You touch on a couple of really great questions. First, if you sign up and then can’t participate that’s totally fine. The only thing we ask is that you not reply to the scheduling email rather than set up a time and then cancel it later. Your second question is a bit tougher because we never want to have anyone participate that isn’t sure about it. What I’d suggest is that if you have reservations, don’t do it. That said, if you want to shoot and then later find you need to buy the sessions out, the cost is high (currently around $2,000 but soon going up). We have to keep it expensive because in the end, we don’t want to take any money from anyone, we just want to use the work we made to keep the project going.

  • mcblum

    I’m happy that you want to share please don’t post images of yourself, naked, in the comment thread :)

  • jazmin

    you are counting mexico as south or north america?

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      Hi Jazmin. We’ve had a lot of interest from Mexico (especially DF) so I think we’ll find a way to get there to shoot soon. Columbia as well. Thanks for your interest in the project!

      • Franklin

        I’d say Colombia instead of Columbia, if you’re meaning the country :)

      • Marcy

        I’d love to join for the Mexico thing. I live in Puebla tho. You could come over, I think you’ll be able to find a lot people that will be glad to take part of the project ^_^

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      I totally misread this – I’d call Mexico North America but we’re looking at changing the way the site is organized so by the time we get there it probably won’t be an issue!

  • Fee

    As an A-level photography student, I absolutely love your photographs as you’ve really done an amazing job of capturing women. I know that you have to be 21 to take part, and I’m only 19, so my question is how long is this project going to be running for? As I’d love to take part in the future :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      I’m positive we’ll still be shooting when you’re 21 :) We’ll actually probably still be shooting when you’re 51.

  • Marlene

    Precioso, el hecho de ser humanos nos hace hermosos y únicos

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      Gracias! Estoy de acuerdo. Saludos.

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  • Dylan

    Why is the age limit 21 rather than 18 (the age of majority in the US)?

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      Mostly because I don’t feel comfortable working with 18 year olds. I know everyone is different but I’d imagine many people make decisions at 18 that they wouldn’t make at 21 or 25. Also, it eliminates the possibility that a participant could still be in high school (something that I’m REALLY uncomfortable with).

      • veronica

        would you consider a 20 year old? i will be 21 this year, but in the event you are in my area before then I’d love to participate. as a young mother, i think more of us need to come out and show the women of the world that you are still beautiful and desireable after motherhood!

        • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

          Hi Veronica,
          If you’re 20 right now you might as well sign up! You do have to be 21 at the time of the shoot but I feel like there will be a pretty good chance of that. Thank you for your interest in the project.

  • monica

    Oh my goodness!!!!! This is beautiful! I luv, luv, LUV it! I’m a personal trainer who focuses on empowering women to embrace their authentic beauty in a healthy way. These photos are incredible! Thank you for putting your artist out there. Muchos gracias!

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  • Lean

    Matt, what an amazing project. We see in each picture the beauty of the real women. Every woman is beautiful in its idiosyncrasy, and just as I am proud to be married with my wife, I`d proud of being married with any woman in that gallery. Congrats! From Brazil

  • Rosa

    Hi Matt. I Think the project is really interesting and I wish you the best in the next steps. But I don fund justification to separate women from north and south america. I mean, Is just geographical separation?. What about a sud american woman living in Canada? or a woman from Guatemala, could be considered as..? This kind of separations could arrive in a form of xenophobia?. In this new global world support this kind of separations could be, at least, quite risky.

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      There’s no reason, really, other than to indicate where we’ve shot. After we have more diversity in the project I imagine we’ll get rid of the labels and just have galleries. The problem is if you say ‘women of the world’ and there are only certain types of women then it looks like you’re ignoring other cultures. It’s sort of a lose, lose until the project becomes more complete…

      • Nirmanie

        No please don’t remove the geographical location! As a girl from Sri Lanka, surrounded by growing numbers of people idolizing western models and actresses, I know that many girls starve their curvy figures here to look more like them. Having galleries categorized in that manner, will give people like that a chance to see that not all women from the west are shaped in that way, and will help them come to peace with themselves.

    • leo

      i think there is a reason,
      you have writed that you will end this separation off regions but i think u shouldn’t do this. this separation is good and the local is used to make reference, because some womam could think that the pretty ones are from the more riches countries but knowing the location she could see that even in the less developed areas there are womans similar to her that are “well cared” and beautifull even whitout being in the models shape. i think the more apropriate classification is group the people according to the place that the foto was taken even if she comes from other country.

      • mcblum

        You make a good point, Leo. I think we’ll figure it out when we get there. Seems like there are many correct answers.

    • Andreas (from Germany)

      The geographical order is very good. It ist very interesting to see, how the women live in different regions. Not only the body is interesting, the whole pic with furniture, colors and everything I see, ist very very interesting. Thank you for this great idea and go on taking pictures.

  • Patricia

    Hi, I would like to participate of this initiative, but I’m having some doubts, in example I’m from Ecuador but now living in France, in which gallery you’ll locate me South America or Europe? And so I have the same question than Jazmin about which countries are you including in South America and which ones in North America… Thanks/ gracias for your reply/por su respuesta.

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      Whichever you’d like! I responded to an earlier comment that the separation was just to indicate that we’ve not been to every country and that’s why there isn’t more diversity of cultures in the galleries. It’s not a distinction we’re planning on keeping forever.

      • JSSB

        Hi there! I already volunteered to participate, if you come to Orlando or Florida, call me for sure. I just wanted to tell you that if you want to go to Cuba I have a net of friends that can help out spreading the word about this project. I guarantee you’ll be busy the entire trip. Also it would be amazing to show places that aren’t that well kept but still you can find proud, beautiful women that love who they are.

        • mcblum

          A shoot in Cuba would be amazing! I can only imagine… Perhaps we need to connect about that :)

  • Celine loop

    Hi Matt,

    We find your project super cool and would like to do the same in India. Is there any way you guys are coming this side of the world???

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      We generally look at visiting a country once we have 500 potential participants in that place. The best thing would be to help us spread the word!

  • Martin Armas

    Hi my name is Martin Armas, I am from Ecuador in South America and i would like you guys to come to visit my country and create a big event in my city. I live in Quito which is the capital from Ecuador. this is my mail martogallazo@hotmail.com
    i am looking forward for your answer!

  • Kara

    Hi, I tried signing up for this project and wasn’t sure if I would really receive word back, so I figured I would check in. I’m 23 years old, and at the age of 19 I had undergone treatments for breast cancer. I didn’t have a masectomy, but I did have a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation and have the scars and marks to show it. I would like to be able to participate in this project when the opportunity is shown. I am in the middle of Los Angeles and San Diego, is there any possibility that I could receive an update on whenever you would be in those sort of areas? Thank you. :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      I’m sure we got it and as soon as we have a trip set for Cali we’ll contact you! I would imagine it wouldn’t be too long… Thank you for your willingness to participate.

      • Kara

        Thank you for keeping me updated! Please keep me in mind for the Cali trip, I’ve applied under the name Kara Sandusky. :)

  • Annie

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve always worried about my body, wondering if it was normal and “good enough.” To see these photos of real women, to see their faces and pieces of their lives, was beyond valuable. I found myself crying and exuberant without really knowing why. And kudos to those brave women!

    • mcblum

      You are more than good enough.

  • Jo

    I often question my gender and when I see my body I look at it and I am disguised by who I am because the only other people born female who I have seen are what I feel to be unobtainable and makes me feel more and more distant from what I was born as but its weird seeing these because I think for the first time in my life I am proud to say I am female. I am not weeker and I am not less than anyone else because of a random bit of coding in my DNA. This may not have been the desired effect of this project but I would like to thank you for the Nu Project’s existance.

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      Thanks for your comment, Jo. Hold your head high.

  • ottarpley

    This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever come across. I really appreciate this project and all of the beautiful women who participate [d] in it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kada.oconnor.1 Kada O’Connor

    This is beautiful. Looking forward to my twenty-first birthday to participate!!

  • Barbie Schimmel

    Thank You, Irom Argentina and every single day I met new people, women came to my life and I had noticed the pressure of body-self and it’s really hard to not fall down!. It’s a pitty we -girls- hate us. Thank you, great photos and pretty people, natural, we are all the same! Gracias che!!!

  • Lena

    Thank you for this. I have lived with crippling body insecurity all of my life, even seeking help from doctors about it. I recently went through major surgery twice for health reasons and it’s left me very visibly scarred. I saw the photo of a woman with several scars on her body and started crying as the photo tells the story of somebody who’s been through a lot and has the courage to show it off proudly. It really struck a chord with me. Thanks for your work, and thanks for the incredible woman who showed off the hard times she’s been through in a brave manner.

  • carolina

    hola, cuando hacen una serie de fotos de mujeres afectadas por cáncer uterino o de la matrix, sería genial tocar ese tema a través de la fotografía…

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      Estoy de acuerdo – gracias por la idea.

  • Cynthia

    How can I sign up?!

  • surfcow

    There was once a fantastic sound track for this sight. Magical. No more. What was it?

    • http://www.facebook.com/MattBlumMN Matt Blum

      It was a couple tracks from my college choir. The CD is actually out of print but I can send you the track. Just email me!

      • surfcow

        Hi there,

        Yes, I would love a copy.

        My email address is kindness808@gmail.com

        Thank you kindly!


  • Hugo Sierra

    Dear Matt, I just learn about this project of yours and I have to congratulate you for that . Your work is very important because Nudity is probably one of the toughest human prejudice still exist worldwide .We as humans should learn to appreciate the beauty of the real women & real men .your work will help to retrieve

    the morbidity and the shame that many feel about their own bodies …giving them the liberty of being themselves . Thanks for your contribution to make this a

    better world !

  • Amanda

    Hello, I must say; amazing work! What a breath of fresh air, compared to today’s “idealized”, unrealistic portrayal of women. I am an artist and I would like to ask if you would grant me permission to use a few photographs to inspire my artwork, thank you -Amanda

    • mcblum

      Go for it! Just share the results :)

  • Maggy

    even though I’m 20, I would love to be part of something as amazing as this project! your pictures are beautiful and really made me appreciate my body more :) I’ve actually done a bit of nude posing for figure drawing classes! haha

  • Eugenia

    Hi! I love this. Thanks so much for doing it. I am wondering if there is a way to recruit more older women. I would love to see more representation of older bodies, which are also diverse and beautiful!

    • mcblum

      We agree. For future shoots we’re going to do our best to specifically reach out to women of different skin colors and ages. Although we’ve wanted to have it happen on its own, it seems like it might take a little more work!

  • leo

    you have writed that you will end this separation off regions but i think u shouldn’t do this. this separation is good and the local is used to make reference, because some womam could think that the pretty ones are from the more riches countries but knowing the location she could see that even in the less developed areas there are womans similar to her that are “well cared” and beautifull even whitout being in the models shape. i think the more apropriate classification is group the people according to the place that the foto was taken even if she comes from other country.

  • Rourke Decker

    While as a fellow photographer, I wholeheartedly support this project — it’s wonderful seeing pictures that actually look naturalistic, instead of processed — I must nevertheless say that I find the ageism, mild as it may be, disillusioning. I understand not photographing minors due to the legalities, but to say in one breath that you wish for greater diversity, while in the other breath admitting that “we’re not comfortable working with women that young” strikes me as inconsistent. Age seems to be the one criterion on which people still feel comfortable openly admitting to engaging in overt discrimination. Imagine the reactions you might receive if you said you were “not comfortable working with women of Asian descent.” Obviously, I respect your right to pursue your artistic vision and conduct your project how you see fit, but the contradiction does stick out to me.

    That being said, I wish you all the best, and I sincerely look forward to watching The Nu Project continue to blossom.

    • mcblum

      Even if it’s descriminitory to not work with the 18-21 year old age group, I’m still more comfortable not doing it. I don’t think having a higher age limit for a project like this is a bad thing — I wish it was the same in the adult industries. I’m happy to admit I don’t think people always make the best decisions for themselves at age 18… I know I didn’t. I appreciate your comment but when I talk about more diversity I’m thinking more the 40+ demographic.

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  • Alvaro

    Congratulations to the staff excellent job.! God bless the woman.! forever.! Massachusetts-07-2013

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  • magui

    quería saber cuál es tu objetivo con las fotografías, es decir, si cuando termines vas a encarar algún proyecto puntual de exposición, libro ? gracias!

    • mcblum

      Hola Magui. Ya hemos publicado nuestro primer libro. Incluye fotos de mujeres de los EEUU, Canada y Brazil. Dentro de algunos meses vamos a empezar nuestro trabajo Europeo que sera otro libro. No que exactamente que sera la meta del proyecto pero se que hay mas fotografia que hacer. Gracias por la pregunta!

  • sturmfrau (Germany)

    A huge thanks from me, too. The way I discovered your beautiful photgraphs is a bit weird – an article about them was posted on my mail hoster’s so called news portal. But that portal is rather known for usually posting pictures of photoshopped, blonde, slim, big busted “beauties” who don’t have anything to do with reality and who, I think, make many women feel insecure and brutally aware of their alleged flaws. Beauty is so much more than just a perfect (judged by whom?) outer appearance. The necessity of showing people what normal people normally look like speaks for itself. We’ve got such a distorted idea of how we should look and that there’s nothing more important than optimizing ourselves to match that ideal. I think it is high time that we change the view on ourselves.Your amazing photos contribute to this change, so: Thanks a lot, again! Carry on!

    • mcblum

      We saw the story there and thought it was great. After all our attitude is that if we only reach those with whom we agree, nothing will change.

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  • michellegardella.com

    Love everything about this. You. The supporters. The whole thing.
    Which book publishing/printing company did/do you use?

    • mcblum

      Thanks! We self published. The book was printed in Minneapolis, MN and all of the funding for the initial run came from the Kickstarter.

  • Matt Scott

    So, I’m just curious, can someone be too “pretty” to be a part of this project? And I mean pretty in the stereotypical, brainwashed-by-media way many think pretty is supposed to be.

    • mcblum

      Nope! We don’t see the models before we shoot. If I showed up and the person was a super model, we’d shoot in the exact same way.

  • Lisa


    I’m from Germany and 21 years old and your project gave me so much. you can’t even imagine :D

    I’ve been such an insecured teenager and always thought something was “wrong” with me because I never looked like “normal” women on TV or anything. When I saw your pictures for the first time I almost cried about all these beautiful women. Even though or probably especially because of their flaws… I never felt so happy ever before and I gained so much self confidence. Thank you!! If you ever come to Germany I’d love to be a part of your project.

  • Anonymous

    This is such an incredible project. Seeing such a diverse range of shapes and sizes of women and every single one looking equally as beautiful as the next is inspiring and I really feel it could help so many people, including myself as a teenage girl constantly being battered with unrealistic images by the media, overcome body confidence issues and accept that they are all beautiful. Thank you for this, it’s amazing

  • Dashnee

    Have you considered that maybe in the future you’d do these shootings outside the States? Could it be possible for you to travel for example to Europe, Asian,..?

    And I want to say thank you, what you do is one of the most valuable and important things, since so many beautiful women suffer with self-hatred cause they don’t feel good enough, and I strongly believe that this what you do, can make a huge change to many people, and maybe one day it can change the world, who knows, so thank you again.

  • Moni

    I would love to know if “all types of women” include transgender women? Pre-surgery, post surgery, etc. :) Does anyone know?

    • mcblum

      It does. Take a look at the Women of North America III gallery.

      • Moni

        Thanks :)

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  • chandu

    sir,I really admire your work.I have one kind of common problem.i.e Lust.I want to become lust free.So dear friends,I would be happy If any one of you can help me.I wish to love a woman’s heart not her body.So,anybody can help me and make a good man.

  • Salma

    I love this project. All of them, guys and girls, are just lovely, and the photographer certainly has the talent to make them look ever more beautiful. I see there is a will of showing just the natural beauty, the genuine one, and I understand that the victims of the beauty standards are mostly women, so it justifies that most of voluntiers are women. But I realised most of people don’t want to show all the parts of their bodies. Is that so because they would be considered as pornography shots? I think it would be a good, at least an interesting thing, to point it out if we are trying to enjoy human natural beauty, female beauty, especially. We are a way too used just to see some parts of human bodies only in one situation: pornography… that we unnaturalised those parts, those views (and straight away we think about pornography, for example). I have to confess I have this hope in my heart: that women will show their bodies, just as they are, without anybody asking for a sexual idealistic promesses (cliches) about their bodies, and then, that they will be able to do it aswell with the integrity of their bodies, showing other women and most of men that their private parts could be something also esthetic (because they’re men and women, and nothing could be more beautiful than that itself).

  • Marvin Castro

    this is the real world of women…her pure nature..no fashion bussines…

  • Thomas Latcham

    It’s a good idea this project because as a man I too understand the pressures on us in todays world to look good. So just well done. I like it.

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  • George

    Betany I am sure you are beautiful. Nothing is more asexual and really not good than these silicons. Normal men just are indoctrinated they do not want to realize that natural brests are just more beautiful.

  • Thomas

    It is a very great and interesting project, the nu project. I’m just expecting the delivery of the book. It is a very good idea in general and the next step to look after Europe/(EMEA?) and maybe to Asia in the future as well. Are you ever going to shoot with men ? I can understand your priority, however not having this part (missing 50%) of documenting the human body. If this will never be any new focus for yourself, please find a perfect partner for the project to make this happen as well. What is the definition of the nu project ? I would imagine and dream of documenting bodies of worldwide geographies, most or all types of races and female and male.

    • mcblum

      We’re hoping someone steps up and starts shooting men – we feel like we could never accomplish our goals even in a lifetime and, as you say, we’re only tackling 50% of the population!

  • Lkonecny

    I’d love to be a part of this project! So inspiring, what’s my next step?

  • Brenda Tellez

    I really love this project. just to know that there are more people that see the beauty in the natural people its amazing, thank you so much!! I would like to participe in it.

  • Chiara

    Hi Matt, I really enjoyed watching those pictures, they made me feel happy with my body. At my school, all the girls have perfect bodies, but I dont. God dam Im only sixteen! Im full of splines and cellulitis and my measurements are not proportional, also, I live in a superficial society, so I have to brook the plastic girls on Tv. Im always watching how my body looks, its really sad. Thank you for showing the real beauty and happyness of those women.

    • mcblum

      Thank you for your comment! The sad thing is, no matter how “perfect” a person’s body we always find fault. Happiness is a state of mind and not something to be achieved. Just ask anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder and chances are the skinnier they got, the more miserable they were. Time to break the cycle :)

  • Joanne

    Hi! I love what you do! you show us, women, to love ourselves as we are, to appreciate our beauty! I woul like to participate! are you thinking to shoot in Mexico? I read on a comment below that there’s been a lot of interest specially in D.F. but I live in Tijuana, and it’s too far away, I hope you come to soot nearby so I can go. I have a question, I’m 20 now, do I have to wait to be 21 to participate?

    • mcblum

      Hi Joanne,
      Thanks for your comment! It’s possible we’ll make it to Tijuana some day. You do have to be 21 to participate but my thought is that we won’t be in your area until you’re 21 anyway, so I think it’ll work out. Thank you for your interest in the project!

  • mili

    Hello, this project is interesting and I think People should be more
    free to go naked if they want. I often go to Croatia, Europe where you
    can be nude on the beach and nobody bothers and you can go to FKK Camp
    with family and this is great and it helps people to accept their bodies
    and since you are allowed to be nude in public beach etc. being nude is
    no such big deal any more in society and people are less shy on their
    nudity. Whereas ban on topless and being nude leeds to perceiving nudity
    as something bad and unapropriate and that is wrong direction.

  • Lei

    Thank you so much for posting women in their natural state. Seeing these women has made me less judgmental of others and (mostly) of myself.

  • Malka

    I’m so grateful that you’ve created such an amazing project that supports women from all over the world and brings them back self-confidence, dignity, the sense of beauty and liberates them from the guilt of not bein’ perfect . I’d love to take part in it. Best wishes from Poland! Please come here and shoot some photos because women in here need it badly, you’ll make a huge favour for them :) We’re awaiting you. Keep photographin’!

  • kati from poland

    i see not just a naked body, i see beautyfoul spaces, furnitures, animals, thats all is great.

  • LK Dandeneau

    It’s good to see real bodies, and its is sad when in order to see real photos you have to actually hunt for them. I have a daughter and as a woman myself women always have had to struggle with body image, I think if we had more exposure to REAL bodies rather than an ideal, women would feel a lot better about themselves- they are all beautiful and every one of their bodies is a story in itself. Thank you for your beautiful work

    • mcblum

      Crazy, isn’t it, how hard it is to find? Thank you for your comment!

  • Lainey

    Thank you so much for this project! And thanks,to all those amazing ladies! I have rather small boobs and often felt insecure about it. This project helped me realize that women (and people in general) really do come in different shapes and sizes, but we are all beautiful. ,

  • Steve

    Everyday people. Extraordinary photos. Thank you.

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  • Cindy

    I just wanted to thank you for what your art is doing for women like myself. I’ve suffered from BDD since I was a kid, and I’ve never felt good enough to sustain a healthy relationship; my sexuality has always felt sort of embarrassing. I found your site tonight whenever I was extremely depressed, and the impact it’s had on my mood is ineffable. Thank you. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but you’ve helped me get through the night.

    • mcblum

      Thank you for your kind words and for sharing a bit of your story. I’m so happy that we could help in some small way. Know that you are beautiful.

  • Tammie Raymora Thomas

    How do I become a part of this? Do you do women over 40, 50?

    • mcblum

      Hi Tammie – We accept models of any age and would love for you to sign up. Take a look at the ‘Participation’ page at http://www.thenuproject.com/participate and let me know if you have any questions.

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  • Mariana

    Hi! Are you planning on visiting Mexico soon? Would love to participate, this is such a substantial, beautiful, interesting project!

    • mcblum

      Hopefully soon! We have so many countries on our list but Mexico would be pretty easy for us to get to. Thank you for your support.

  • kenneth13

    All women are beautiful in ther on way shape and size. To many men have watched what TV thinks women should look like , and have been blind to the true beauty that is women you are all goddess. Signed some guys thoughts

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  • Cath Nadj

    thank you so much.. i just discover this project today and wish i had when i was younger… but still, thank you so much for making me feel normal… at least!!! this is true feminism…

  • iza

    Hi! i’m totally into this project! i think i successfully signed up to be a model for your upcoming shoot in Berlin. How can i be sure you received my application ?

  • Nirmanie

    Thank you so much for this! I was feeling a bout of gloominess about my body – especially after an ex’s judging comments that still hunt me. And in going though the galleries, and looking at all those beautiful women, made me so happy to know that I’m normal too! Thank you – all you woman who helped do this, and the people behind this project!

  • Natalia

    I’m truly impressed by the diversity of your photos and your style
    of shooting. I’m 28 years old and I have never felt comfortable with
    my body. Even though usually other people find me quite attractive, I’m
    always thinking that it’s because I hide well the creature I really am.
    And, believe me, some days it’s ok, but other days I feel like a
    monster. And yet I can find women with a similar body type here and I
    can honestly say that they are beautiful! And most of all I can see how
    different the majority of our bodies is from what advertisements and
    media are showing all over again making us feel ashamed of being
    ourselves. I know those photos are not pornographic, but I would like to
    say that if there were even really porn-sites with women as you’re showing them, I
    would easily accept my boyfriend watching it. Because I would be sure
    that he knows what real beauty is and that he’s not searching for
    a photoshopped, sixteen year old female body, often after breats
    surgeries (and often “impossible”) I never had and I never will and it
    wouldn’t make me feel unsecure. So thank you for helping to stop
    changing our bodies into a product and making all women worth being
    visible and appreciated. I hope I’ll be able to join the project one
    day.. are you coming in France anytime soon?

  • Genn

    I just “graduated” from four months of intensive treatment for a twenty year eating disorder and have been adjusting to many new ways of being, including an attempt to finally be at peace with my body. Seeing these real and beautiful women has inspired me to continue to find that peace. Thank you for you work.

    • mcblum

      Thank you for sharing some of your story and for your kind words. I hope the coming years are full of peace for you.

  • suraj



  • Justin

    I am a male. I honestly want to say thank you for this. It has helped me grow confident in myself. I’m one of those guys who won’t even take off my shirt at The pool. I am even scared to let my girlfriend see me naked. I know she won’t judge me, but I will.. This website has helped me get rid of some of my low self esteem. Thank yall very much for helping mebecome comfortable in my own skin.

    • mcblum

      Hey Justin. Thanks for taking the time to write. Even though this project is focused on women, as you point out we as men clearly feel lots of the same things. I’m glad that we were able to do even a little bit to assist in your (and our collective) struggle with body image. Hold your head high.

    • mcblum

      You’re very welcome. Even though the project is comprised of mostly women, we certainly feel some of the same things.

  • Matze

    Hi, Thanks for that lovely project! Will it be possible to buy a book with photos from Europe in 2014?


  • Viktor Dite

    What is the most commont intention of your Models to show them nude?

  • Lilit Lobos

    Hola, No es necesario alabar más el proyecto, ya sabemos que es realmente maravilloso, le amo!! Pregunto dos cosas: 1. ¿Puedo usar alguna imagen en mi blog para alguno de mis escritos? Por supuesto informando que hace parte de este proyecto. 2. ¿Podría participar en él? Soy fenotipicamente una bella indígena suramericana.

    • mcblum

      Hola Lilit! Gracias por tu mensaje. Para participar en el proyecto llena el formulario en http://www.thenuproject.com/participate y te contactaremos cuando estamos planeando un viaje a tu país! Con respecto al uso de los imágenes preferimos que solo se usan para artículos sobre The Nu Project. Si quieres usarlos para tu blog o un articulo que no tiene que ver con nuestro proyecto, por favor mandanos un email. Gracias por tu comentario y por visitarnos aquí!

  • kate

    when are you going to upload the pics from europe?

    • mcblum

      Hopefully soon. We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of client work we had this year and our other projects had to take a back seat. We would have liked to have published them in August but I’m currently in NY shooting for a client this weekend and until all of these jobs are wrapped we need to stay on top of that work.

  • Sara

    How do you decide when to include a male partner in the shoot? Would it just depend on our atmosphere as a couple, or my partner’s willingness?

  • Javier

    Estoy gratamente sorprendido. Estas son las mejores fotos de desnudos que he visto.

  • Bere

    ¡Que excelente proyecto! Muchas felicidades por la gran labor que realizan al demostrar que todas las formas, todas las tallas, todos los colores tienen su belleza y que en esta vida, lo normal, es lo que naturalmente existe.

  • Rob

    When will Europe be up to view?

  • Micah

    I think this is awesome! I didn’t know there was such a project and published books with what I would consider the normal nude body and not the common model type of person. I believe the nude body holds so much beauty in all sizes, shapes, colors and cultures. I hope that my wife will volunteer to participate.

  • Ina

    Matt, thank you for this! I see already so many people spoke the words I had in my heart, but I have to say it as well: your work is so important! After looking at all the pics from all the galleries in one night, I looked at myself naked in the mirror and for the first time, I saw myself as normal, dare I say even pretty?

  • Sara Martínez

    Years back I sent an email offering as a volunteer…hoping you’ll come to Spain one day, In the meantime, I have been diagnosed Crohn’s disease and now I’m longing to see a brave woman with an ostomy bag in your photographies similar to #getyourbellyout . It was a great spontaneous campaing that helped me come to terms with the idea of having an IBD and the prospect of maybe one day having one myself. Love your work.

  • jenny

    the words become short. THANK YOU! might express

  • Peggy

    Hello, first of all sorry for my english, I’m french… I find your photos beautiful but I regret your work is only with women … Social pressure is also on mens… and photos of all sorts of couples to show that love can exist anyhow with everyone

  • Christine

    Your project is amazing ! These are the coolest photos I’ve ever seen. I feel so good when I watch them.

  • Richard Brown

    I love the pictures on this site! How you have got the personality of each person to shine through is so wonderful. The laughter, the smiles, the quirkiness, the mischief and the important messages about body image are all there to see and think about. This is how I see women (and men) and believe this is how they should be portrayed – naturally, without artifice, without any intention to be overtly sexual. I found myself appreciating every single person portrayed and the fact that they were nude became utterly irrelevant. Each woman is quietly beautiful and sexy in their own unique way. I think it’s often clothes that make us look ugly – we use them to make a statement and reflect fashion. Nude, all you see is the person and it’s easier to appreciate them for who they are. Yes, thank you all, ladies, for making me smile with happiness today.

  • Andrea

    Love what I see here. It is so body-postive for all shape and age of women. Without clothes we are all adorable. Thank you.